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The Mother of All


Beyond all religions and philosophies, beyond all Yogic disciplines, “That which is that” are the most perfect of all words.

She who is the giver of all life is the Mother of all.
She instills in the Soul a vision of the blissful realms of the Self.
She is the compassionate Mother who teaches by your mistakes and does not condemn or judge.
She is the Cosmic Will.
She brings you the tree of love deep in the heart.
She brings you all you need to live a joyous life.
She is the joy of everyone’s Soul.

And She is the heart of Kashi, a place of the dance of Shiva.
Take the Mother’s love deep into your cells and breathe Her in and out.
She takes you beyond the veil of Illusion.

Repeat this to yourself today: “I am loved and I am love; I am loved and I am love.”
Truly these words are the truth of my heart.
They are healing words and words of love.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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