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The Mother is with You


During this time, people begin to remember the spirit of the Mother

within them.

Yet the beauty of the Universal Mother is that She always forgives,

even if you forget.

She forgives you and always asks for you to start over.

Earth Mother holds us and the life we lead without complaint.

She is our Mother, and that is all that She knows.

She supports us and loves us, and She enjoys us.

I always wonder what I am going to write each time I sit at my

computer in my Kashi Office.

Baba says, “Just sit and it will come to you,” and I do.

The words at times surprise me, excite me and encourage me to go on.

I feel the bond of love that stretches to embrace the universe with

the love of the Mother.

Kali Natha Tantric Yoga means union with the Mother and the Father God

and Goddesses.

It is union with the absolute Reality.

The purpose of Kali Natha Tantric is to unfold one’s latent spiritual

powers and to unite oneself to  the Mother.

In practice, you present a system of personality integration through

meditation, prayer, wisdom and service to humankind.

Each aspect of yoga helps a person in different spiritual ways.

There comes a time when your mind is able to think lofty thoughts, yet

you are not able to maintain them.

If you take all the shakti that you feel and reroute it to the heart

center, you will find that your mind will calm down.

The mind of the yogi is always having to achieve the purpose of

physical existence.

You have heard the words ‘right action,’ yet do you understand what

this means?

Right action is not sustained by fear, shame or grief.

The human mind is a channel for the cosmic mind.

When the mind is purified through samadhi, it becomes highly creative

and filled with non-judgment.

Then you are more free from the ego than you were before.

The slightest freedom is huge, and is not hard to achieve.

You must begin to love yourself; your Beloved will spend lifetimes to

teach you how to love you and the beauty of you.

This moment say to yourself, “I am love; I am loved,” over and over.

Feel your being fill up with the nectar of the Mother.

She is that which will never abandon you.

Since the world is a product of Maya (cosmic illusion), it can never

satisfy you once you have tasted the love of the Universal Mother.

This love is unconditional and asks for nothing.

All this day try to remember that the Mother is with you, listening to you

and watching you.

You are never alone; the Mother will never let you feel alone.

We will walk this path together, never to part.

She will lead you into the heart of the universe – and She will keep

reminding you that there is nothing you can do to have Her throw you

out of Her heart.

You are Her child and She is your Mother; never forget this.

She lives for you; know this in the center of your chest, for this is Her home

always and forever.

And when life is over, She lives in the center of your Soul, waiting

for a new body of flesh and blood, joy and love.

I love you all.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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