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The Mother is Always

Namaste ,

Be still a moment this morning before you start your day, and draw aside the veil.
Look beyond what seems to be into what your heart knows to be.
Kashi is magnificent in the morning light; She brings to all a certain wisdom of the mind of the Universal Mother.
She brings to you the eternal stillness of Her love for all of you.

She teaches us all how holy we are.
She shows us how the ego brings us thoughts of negativity, but the heart is always positive.
See the Mother as your host upon this Earth of ours.
Enjoy Her love and protection.
You, too, are the Mother; you are a reflection of Her.

The temporary is of time, while the Mother is always.
From Her eternal abode in your heart She calls to you, Her child.
Center your thoughts this day on Her being.
She gives you everything.
Hold on to the thought of love that the Mother has placed in you.

You only have to find this thought in your heart and know you are love itself.
Accept the Mother’s love and think all day on Her.
You only have to say, “Mother, I love you,” and the whole day is yours.
And who are you except the child of the Mother?
You are the love of heaven and earth.
It is that simple.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Thank you for writing this Ma. I love the part where you say Mother is the host while on this earth and to enjoy her love and protection. That Brings me much comfort in hearing this. Sending you my very best energy full of love and light… peace and love always…… Ma Kali