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The Mother


You have the  power to not accept any negative thoughts, once you can tell yourself that the thought is negative.
Speak to the Universal Mother as much as  you can during your day and night, and She will become the delight of your mind and heart.

She is already the essence of your heart and the Soul of your soul.
She insists that you resist all negative thoughts by using the mantra of Her name.
The mind will be drowned in the bliss of the heart.
In Her you will find all the support you need to have inexhaustible strength

When you can even begin to imagine the Mother’s grandeur, you float in bliss in Her waters.
She is Eternity and infinity intertwined.
No grief and no fear can arise when you say your Beloved’s name.
Awaken, and arise to your own beauty.
The Mother can see who you are, and the Mother’s wish for you is for you to feel and know who you are.
The Mother is a shining gem among gems.

I love you.
Ma Jaya


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