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The Mother


The Mother permeates the entire universe.
She possesses the purest Shakti of reaching everything and everyone.
Her Essence is everywhere.

We all get hurt at one time or another – yet to remember that Her Essence is within us eases all pain.
The Mother brings us to the place of bliss.
This bliss can run through pain and bring light to the darkest of nights.
If you call on the Mother, She will come to you with shining wisdom.
Ask her to grant you a simple and open heart.

This moment let your breath drink from the sweetness of Mother’s well.
Breathe in and out your heart with awareness.
Do this for 7 minutes; then go into the bliss of the Mother.
Sit as long as you want.
Taste the sweetness and know that She is in you.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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