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The Mother


There are times when you feel that you cannot see out of the darkness of your life.
Call on the Universal Mother; she will bring you confidence and joy that will break up the darkness and lead you into the light of your life.
She will never fail you.
Even if you do not understand, it is wonderful to know that the Mother will lead you out of every moment of pain if you call on her.
The Mother promises to be with us always, and she is.
You only need to call out her name and she will make herself known.
She will give you the tools to help you get through each day with love in your heart.
This night before you fall asleep tell the Mother to watch over you.
When you wake, write down what you can remember in the night.
If you can’t remember the words, then write in your journal what you felt when you woke up.
Remember to be grateful for everything in your life.
Feel the Mother’s love, bask in this love, and always know you are in this light.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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