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The Mother’s Path


There comes a time that the spiritual path that you are on runs through your heart.
It is as soft as a rainbow when this happens.
The currents of love come from the Beloved and make you want the Universal Mother with all of your being.
This current carries the love back to the Mother, and She comes to you whenever you call on Her.
This love of the Mother wants to be known.
This love polishes the mirror of the heart.
It is done day by day, every day.
It is the work of love.

You learn to become soft in the hands of love.
And as you live with courage of love, you become warriors on the Path of the Mother.
When you forget the Mother within, you forget to live in the Light of your own Being.
The Mother’s Path is one of service, compassion and love.
You travel away from the ego into the sea of love.
You are never in danger of losing your way.
You are always being watched and protected.
The Path of the Mother is the preparation of becoming the Mother.
She will teach you to swim in the ocean of unity.
It is this Ocean of Unity has always been alive in your heart.

Call the Mother from deep in yourself every moment that you can.
Her being is woven in your heart.
She will teach you of that which is genuine and that which is false.
Then you learn to listen.
Listen from your heart where the Beloved dwells.
It is all in the inner world of your Being.
The path brings it to the surface – for it is always there, just beneath the surface.

Meditation takes you to yourself so you can feel the merge and the oneness of life.
Then things happen in a beautiful way.
You are wide open and aware.
This lasts and lasts, and when it begins to disappear, you cry out for more.
The excitement of this path brings extra beats to your heart.
The extra beat is the beat of divine love.
I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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