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The Mother’s Beauty


In its natural state, the mind is radiant and pure.
Instead of feeling bad about yourself, know who really lives in your heart’s mind.
Recognize the different states of pain; these are the negative sides of the Karmic Spaces.
Learn to recognize the blessings in yourself.
You deserve the happiness you seek.
For a true transformation to flourish, you must know how much you deserve the joy that comes to your life.

Self hatred brings a negative life.
You have to practice self love before you practice love for others.
Every single being wants and seeks to be happy.
Neem Karoli Baba says that all beings want to be happy, to feel at home in their bodies and lives.
This brings an instinct for freedom.
Meditate on the good within yourselves.
So many times you tried not to hurt someone.
Reflect on something you like about yourself.
This way you develop a friendship with yourself.

Sooner or later, we all must seek our contemplation of the Divine Mother.
In the presence of the Mother, we find our own beauty.
The Mother is the circle of time where all your phases of your life unite.
It is impossible to explain the nearness of the Mother to your Soul’s heart.
She is the breath of your breath and the skin of your skin.
You need to enter the Mother’s beauty, where you are sustained.
You have come home to the Mother’s arms, and there you will live.
There you will learn the miracle of breath.
Encourage yourself to enjoy your life of spirit and adventure.
The Mother’s love has found its way to your heart’s door.
Despite confusion or emptiness, your love has found wings to fly with the Mother and dance with Shiva.

The Mother helps you every moment to discover your true sources of love, joy, and hope.
I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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