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The Moment

I want all of you to be out of the Karmic Spaces, and this book will totally help you live the life you want for yourself.

THE MOMENT page 113

“The moment washes away all things except love.
We tend to think that our problems are here and now, so we do all kinds of things to escape to someplace else.
That’s what we are doing in the karmic spaces: hiding from the moment.
This is the ego’s fallacy.
It is in the moment that we are free.

Time and energy go to waste when we continually give way to the ego’s thoughts of yesterday’s problems and tomorrow’s wishes.
The moment slips right past us. Very rarely do people enjoy where they are in the moment.

Everyone is so occupied with their thoughts that they have no room for the true heart-thoughts that come from being present.

We fear time or we fear death, so we keep running and running, thinking and thinking. We let time become our enemy, and one day it will defeat us.

Yet the moment is all there is, no matter how much you know or think you know; eventually you will be overcome by time in the form of death.

But be deeply in the moment, and the wheel of time will be your companion, not your enemy.”

I wanted desperately to understand time and space.
Usually we are so enmeshed in our lives that we teach ourselves to forget distant horizons.
There is nothing as lonesome as giving up hope.
And so to learn of The Karmic Spaces is to learn of time and space.
When we use up our time or life in these spaces, the heart grows hard.
Yet I promise you, out of the Karmic Spaces, awareness becomes your friend.
When you gather the courage to open the doors to your locked-in life, you find yourself curious about life again – and time after time curiosity will lead you to the moment.
Yet there will be times when you long for the dark cave of the Karmic Spaces.
This limits you and what you can accomplish; it also has you revisiting old wounds and living in the past.
Be kind to your own vulnerability in the moment, and walk on in the moment to the light outside of the Karmic Spaces.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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