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The Miracle of By The River


It is amazing what has occurred since last year’s Laxmi Puja.
Be grateful for all you have received.

By the River is a miracle in itself.
In the buildings and rooms waiting for the occupants is a wonderful feeling of acceptance.
So many elders will be taken care of.
Remember, there are no throwaway people.
Our lives are filled with the joy of serving others and right here on our sacred Ashram.
The sick and the old search the edges of life for any sign of help.
Here at Kashi those who are in need of housing, food and all those things that seniors need to have will be given gladly.
This has been planned for more than thirty years.

We have a deep loyalty to those who are in need.
The magic of it all is emerging in the buildings that are filled with all the possibilities that the elderly thought they could never could have any more.
This is the magic of love and caring.
It is the universal joy of Mother Laxmi to bring happiness prosperity and health to everyone.
Here on Kashi the imagination has given away to truth.
People will find a place to lay their heads without fear.
Folks will have enough to eat.
And our children will learn so much from our seniors.

It is this time of the year that one can feel the closeness of the Mother.
Let Mother Laxmi’s Pujas be a reflection of all of our love and our lives.
All that is needed exists in the heart and mind of Mother Laxmi, and She is willing to give us all that we need.
Our dream for so many is coming true.
The secret pulse of goodness can be felt this very moment.
The Divine breath of the Mother can be felt as well.
Neem Karoli Baba has given us the Blue Print of serving others, and being faithful to our dreams of serving others is a dream coming true.
Dance with the Self, and serve from your heart.

I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya

Aerial view of By The River completed buildings

Aerial view of By The River completed buildings

Pathway to one of the By The River buildings

Pathway to one of the By The River buildings


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