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The Merge of Masculine & Feminine


Here is today’s question from Janaka Jaya:

“In Kali Natha Yoga you talk about the merge of the masculine and the feminine. Can you explain the importance of that merge, and also describe how we go about creating it?


There were numerous sages, rishis, and holy people who recorded their spiritual experiences since the beginning of time in one way or another.
Many of them explained that the Soul has no gender.
This indicates that masculine and feminine merge fully when one is on the path; when they reach the presence or vibration of God or Goddess, there is only the One – who is reality.

Thus life was and can be now quite simple, void of any kind of bigotry.
Children who develop hatred toward any kind of homosexuality have learned it on the knees of their parents.
They sometimes carry this lifetime after lifetime.
Yet in a single second, one can flip into the Light of understanding The One who is neither male nor female.
This allows an open path toward Samadhi.
It is as if all color is sleeping; yet when the heart is open, one begins to realize that the rainbow of color is not male or female.
It is as if color has a path of its own.
And you find yourself inside of all color, all genders, all races, and all religions when there is understanding of the genders.
This represents freedom.
Once you have tasted this freedom, you live the life of vision.

You ask how one goes about creating the merge of male and female.
The vibration of the entire physical worlds consists of waves of acceptance; thus the male and female embrace as one.
It is always there, and there is nothing that you have to do.
If you miss the different wave lengths of Oneness, you will find yourself hungry for the truth.
You do not know on the surface of life that we are all without gender when we are only Soul.
Something in the knowing begins to feel right in the space of the spiritual heart.
This is an existence of the merge, and without it one loses balance like a world without color or music.

When you being to understand that this merge is always reaching toward you, then in future life you will reach for the merge and understand that it always has been.

There is music in this merge of understanding and knowing.
When there is one part of the body more established in the feminine, a male may be afraid of his own feminine features, feelings, and instincts.
It is the same when one part of the body is more established in the masculine; females will try to hide their own masculinity.
Yet when the heart is open, the two merge together; one becomes perfectly balanced, without fear.

So my answer is not to fear who you are, but embrace it all – for it all embraces you.
Once you taste the merge, the idea of it will never leave you; it will be part of your being, and you won’t need to go through the suffering of not knowing your own identity.
This knowing becomes part of you in the form of Shakti.
You can feel the knowing in your own power.

If you do not understand my answer, I promise you it will come.
Read my answer over and over and see if it makes sense to you.
You cannot lose what your Soul knows you have.
Therefore, the knowing of the merge is always with you, and your instincts will show you the way to understand this.
Be free in your life, void of bigotry or prejudices.

I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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