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The Love of the Mother


Do you know that the Mother loves you as you are?
Now it is for you to love yourself as you are, yet ready to change if you want to.
You change so you can have more joy in your life and bring joy to others.
The fires inside your spiritual heart are like rubies ready to burst into flames of bliss.
All the jewels of the Universe are offered to you, if you are quiet enough to listen.

The Mother Laxmi wears a lot of green, which are the emeralds of the Gods.
Look for colors in your life and enjoy them, for they are a gift of Mother Nature.
The black in life is Mother Kali watching over you; this is why you need not fear the night, for it is then that the Mothers dance on the Moon.

The Mother presides over our dreams in both life and death.
Her heart is bloodthirsty for your happiness, and this is pure tantra.
The Mother dusts off your heart and places roses to bloom in the space where the dust used to dwell.
She awakens you; with wide eyes you see your world differently.
Her heart moves under the roots of our Beings, and we can hear it when we are still and dreaming.
The stars are dancing to Her song of love, and She teaches you how to dance in life and death.

You are loved.
Feel this love; feel it deep in your Soul.
I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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