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The Lotus of the Heart


The lotus flower is not compelled to spread its fragrance.
To spread its fragrance is in its nature.
When the lotus of the heart blossoms, it naturally spreads the fragrance of love and Shakti to all who come in contact with it.

When the Universal Mother opens your heart, the true flowering occurs and the person is not conscious of it.
Love is always there.
Everything is transformed into flowing love.
One soon becomes permeated with the higher qualities of the universe.

To be with such a person is to feel a love for the Mother take over your being.
Unconditional love is gentle and non-aggressive; yet when the Mother’s child is threatened, the Mother love is fierce and destroys all who wish to hurt her children.

When you work through love and let love penetrate your Being, you become very strong and very sensitive to the feelings of others.
One transcends his lower energies in the presence of the Mother.
The simplest lessons one can learn on this path is that Shakti is very powerful when combined with love.

When you close your eyes and begin breathing slowly in and out, your ego-mind races with thought darts that are designed to lead you out of the relaxation of following your breath.
The Mother stands between you and these thoughts and takes out of them any false energy they have.
The ego-thoughts only have the false energy you yourself give them.

As you breathe in and out of your heart center in a form of slow motion, you can feel yourself going inward; and one day, in a split second, it is only you and the Mother.
She exists only for you, and nothing at all can come between you two as you are truly one.
This will happen with practice.

Samadhi is a dream with no dimensions at the gate of the Mother’s Garden.
And you stare internally before the blazing of light within.
The love of the Mother arches over you in perfect quiet and stillness.
There can be no sharp edges of ego-thoughts.

Gone out of your heart is the cold beat of being alone.
I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Velvet Chong says:

    Wow! That was so beautiful. I felt the shakti running through my body as I was reading it. I always imagine a lotus opening into each chakra as I do self-clearing work. I felt so connected to these words, especially after the heart opening this past weekend at Darshan. Thank you, Ma!