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The Light


There is a Light that is available to all of you.
There are so many years for us to be together yet why wait for tomorrow to be in this Light which is available to all of you now.
For a moment, an hour, and all day long, feel the lightness of your Being.
It does not matter how long you can feel this Light.
Just taste it.

This moment see how you feel.
Look deeply at your body from the inside out, and see if you feel lighter.
It all starts in the body; see how you feel.
Say to yourself, “I am getting closer to who I am.”
The darkness begins to slowly melt away.
You truly need to feel this love flowing in your veins.
You can have joy all the time if you try.
It starts when you look and see how you feel – and then repeat the mantras in your mind or out loud.

You see that Light that is talked about in every religion and path is truly the Truth, and you are in it now.
You all earned the right to this Light,
Drink it.
Taste it.
I am this Light and so are you.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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