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The Light of the Mother


When thoughts overtake you, call on the Light of the Mother.
She is the inherent Shakti behind all that exists.
She can blind your ego-thoughts and teach you how to reach for a happier thought, thus dismissing the ego.
A steady awareness of Her flow of love allows us a happy and blissful life.
To attain bliss, we ask for Grace.

The Mother’s energies race through our hearts and minds, and we know in every part of our being that we are not alone.
The form of the Mother that you need during your day and night is chosen by your higher mind.

The Yogini Tantra emphasizes all of the Mother’s Powers.
Experiencing the Mother’s love brings divine power.
The Mother permeates all of Kashi and all who come here.
She dances into everyone’s heart.
She will teach you mastery over your mind and allow you to feel deeply, in the deepest part of your heart.

My most profound wish for all of you is to understand how much you are loved and protected.
I want so much for you all to achieve anything you want to accomplish.
When you meditate, sit with an open heart and feel the fullness come into it.
It is wonderful to be loved by the Universal Mother, as you all are.
Bring gratitude to your heart, and you bring the Mother closer.

I love you all,

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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