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The Life Force of Love


The nature of all goals is written in the deepest recesses of your Being.
We are not our bodies, our minds, our emotions, or any restrictions around us.
You are able to use the true energy that is the real you to expand what you are spiritually.
You are then able to become the infinite life force that is all around you and in you.
You can learn how to use this life force and to be able to call it to you at any given moment.
There is a dimension that is purely spiritual right over the top of your head.
You can rise in your heart-mind higher into the Formless.

Here the breath becomes quite subtle and almost stops.
Your mental breathing starts.
This interacts with your unlimited potential.
When you return to your Earthly Body, you always bring with you a part of the Formless which you are ready to recognize.

An understanding of Universal Law becomes a must.
Taking full responsibility is one.
The other, of course, is never to blame another for that which happens to you.
You have so much energy inside of you to use to overcome any weakness.
You overcome weakness by becoming aware of any tendencies that bring you down.
You cannot overcome weakness by fighting against it.
You find your way out by discipline and will power.
Your ego-mind pretends not to understand what you are trying to do, and it puts so much in your way.
By focusing your mind on love, nothing else can hurt you.
You ride the magic carpet of love so deep that when you do not feel it you feel lost and let down.
Yet there is no reason not to feel this love at any given moment.
Call out to your Beloved this moment.

Say over and over, “My Beloved loves me.”
You will begin to believe it as you continue to repeat it.
You believe it because it is truth.
It is the greatest truth you can think of.
You have turned on the Light inside of you and the love can be felt no matter where you live.
It is natural to yearn for unconditional love, and yet you do not have to yearn; you are it!
The ego brings logic to your life where the Beloved brings great miracles.
This is the way of the Beloved, who loves you beyond love.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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