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The Key to Freedom


The state of non-attachment also brings the state of surrender. Surrender is to one’s own heart, not to any other being. The moment you surrender, you will begin to change in a profound manner. Your heart will experience peace and love. Imagine this moment – just let go and surrender to your heart.
Allow the breath to circle your heart clockwise in a slow movement. Do this for about 12 circles.
The breath becomes slow and natural. At this point you can invite God into the center of your heart.
Then breathe in and out of your heart deeply and fully.
Just sit, and let the surrender begin.
When you do things from the heart you are linked to the direct source of Divine knowledge and wisdom.
This is the key to freedom.
You can practice love.
You look at anything or person in your life, and you simply let go and love them. After a while, this becomes a natural way of life. You accept that you are growing toward joy.
Joy is the answer to so many questions.
The seed of love is planted, and then it grows and grows.
It is an expression of God when the love is poured over you.
This love overflows into the world.
When you are filled with this love, there is a great desire to serve others.
Love is like the fragrance of a flower that is born to give joy.
When we have gratitude, we always can grasp the scent of the ever-blooming beauty of the flower.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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