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The Karmic Space of Intent


The question is:

“Could you please teach about the Karmic Space of Intent? Why do we get caught in it over and over, and how do we get out of it?”


When everything is going fine, you have good health, and you are in a good space, you begin to make all kinds of promises to yourself.
You make plans to do this or that.
Then, just about when you are about to proceed with the promises you made to yourself, you realize that you are tired – and so you put off what you were going to do for another day.
Procrastination is born, and soon what you wanted to do is just a thought that you had, and you have no plans to do it now.
This is the opposite of living in the flow of time.
Tomorrow continuously becomes today, and today constantly becomes yesterday.

Then you find you cannot live in the present moment, and depression begins to set in.
You begin to forget about responsibility and yesterday’s promises.
This becomes the Karmic Space of Intent, and it is hard to get out of.

The only way out of this Space is discipline.
Discipline and freedom go hand in hand.
When we take responsibility, this space of karma begins to chip away.
See how you feel when you do something as soon as you think of it.

Start with one chore every other day, and write down how you felt as you accomplished what you wanted to do.
Truly you will begin to have more time in your life to do other things, and you will get a lot more done.
You begin to look forward to doing what has to be done.
This gets you out of the Karmic Space of Intent.
When we take responsibility, each day is fresh and free.

It is written: “Faith in the workings of karma helps us to take responsibility for our actions.”
Do not procrastinate just for a day, and see the difference.
You will eventually walk quietly out of this space and taste freedom.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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