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The Journey


As you meditate more, a glow comes over you.
Silence follows you and leads you into the stillness of the Mother.
The heat of spiritual passion begins to burn, and the journey begins.

The fire in the soul connects with the life force of the body.
Where there were days of confusion, there is now sweetness of life.
As you go on the journey toward the Formless, there is so much calling you home.

The Universal Mother calls you and leads you to the beauty of nothingness.
The moon and the sun beckon you to become one with them.
Every step is like a sadhana and offering to the Mother.
In the deepest regions of your heart there is the Mother’s Well, always waiting to serve you the waters of life.

Kashi is like a cove of spiritual treasures.
Come walk Her sacred grounds and find yourself.
She is timelessness itself.
She pulsates with love pounding in Her Heart for you.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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