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The Invisible Embrace


There is a great moment in life when you know that you are being watched by the Mother.
Your whole being is blessed, and you know it, you feel it, and you become it.
Something inside tells us that we have always been blessed, yet we were not aware.
It is all about awareness.

Be aware this moment of the beauty around you, which has always been.
We were just too young to always notice – too young to be grateful, too young to seek ways of showing our gratitude.
So we take this moment of the invisible embrace to be embraced, to be loved fully, and to feel flushed with happiness and gratitude.

The question today is, “How can we begin to trust our own spiritual abilities?”

What answer do you think you want for this question?
First of all, what do you think the answer will be?
Are you satisfied with this answer, or do you want more?

Ask a question of yourself, perhaps a question of the chakra system.
“How do we understand chakras?”
This is the question.

The answer is
I just know the answer to be in me; therefore I can answer as completely as I want to.
The vibrations of the sevenfold chakra system represent to me that which I understand to be true.

So what if you are wrong?
You are asking no one to believe you, so you are beginning to believe yourself.
How profound is this?
You are asking and answering.
You have the question, and you have the answer.
One or another, it must be true.

At this point, begin to ask of the Universe, “Who am I? Who am I?”
Then the answers come flowing in. flooding you with truths you did not know existed.

The higher the chakra, the better I feel.
And then the question comes: “Which is higher, and which is lower?”
We all have been taught to stay away from the lower chakras.
What does this mean to me?
What is wrong with the lower chakras?
You begin to ask and then answer, and you become more complete in your answers.
You begin to be kind of sure with your answers, and happy with the question.
You have become the teacher, one who is answering, and most important, one who is learning.
The questions are locked up inside of you

You are not afraid to let the answer come from you.
And if it is a wrong answer, they will know, you will know, and the Universe will know.
Now you are beginning to trust in yourself.
If you do not trust in yourself, then you are trusting in others to pull you out of the wrong space of non-trust.

Perhaps you are learning.
Someone will get it right.
It is not a big tragedy.
Answer and question flow together.
What do you associate with this chakra?
Look around you.
There is no stress because you are not alone with your answers.
It all becomes exciting and so does life.
You will begin to understand more and more each and every day.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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