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The Heart of the Beloved


It is all about being humble and grateful.
There comes a time when people forget to be grateful, and that is the time when they think that they know more than the Beloved.
This involves the opinions of the ego shooting right at you and having you forget where you are in life and in death.
I have seen it happen time after time.

Let us speak and hear from the heart of the Beloved.
Yes, you all have your Beloved’s heart.
When you feel challenges in your life, you need to call on the heart that can sustain you.
It is the intuitive heart, the guidance of your Beloved, that is always there.
I ask you to break through the chains that the ego wraps around you.
It is a truth that carries over from lifetime to lifetime.
You have two options: you can either accept the fact that you can make a quantum leap in your own consciousness, or you can fight and resent your own beautiful power.
We have to evict this tenant that is occupying a space in our lives and is not welcome.
The ego is not wanted; most of all, it is just a thought that the ego sends us and takes us off track. Then the Beloved steps in to protect us, even from ourselves.

Your Beloved protects you all, despite your so-called connection to any darkness that the ego sends to you.
You are all the children of the Universal Mother.
There is no force greater than this.

I call myself the servant of the servant of God.
It is the worshipper who gives form to the Gods and Goddesses, and I love doing Pujas for all of you to Hanumanji, the Lord of Service.
There are so many for us to serve, and so much love to do it with.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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