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The Great Light Breath Meditation



Sit quietly
Watch your breath.
Feel your breath coming in and out.
Do this with great awareness, as if your life depended on it.
With each in-breath say to yourself, “I am loved, I am loved; I am loved, I am loved; I am loved, I am loved.”
You will know when you have said this enough.

Then send a great light coming through the top of your head into the pit of the belly.
Breathe in and out of your belly.
Each time you breathe, breathe in more deeply.
The great light is warming your belly, which was cold with self-doubt.
Keep breathing in and out of your third chakra.
Picture the Light getting brighter and brighter.
After about five minutes, feel the Light spread throughout your body.
Each time you breathe in and out, the light gets stronger.
Focus in the center of your chest, breathing the light in and out.
Then breathe in the deepest breath you have ever taken, hold it for the count of seven, and let it out with a great amount of force.
Do this three times feeling the staleness leave your body, leaving in its place only the great light.
Then just relax, letting the breath do what it wants to.
Feel a deep warmth come over you, the warmth of your Beloved’s love.

Sit for as long as you are comfortable, feeling the warmth and the light.
Your Beloved will be with you deep in that same light of bliss.

With love,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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