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The Formless


The Formless does not lead you into deep Samadhi until you can enter it consciously, on your own.
The Universal Mother lights the path to the Formless and can take you into this magnificent space of peace love and joy.
It is a space without space, a time without time – just nectar, the pure nectar of Nothingness.

You will have the knowing of yourself and others, and you will judge no one.
It makes no difference as far as your age goes; you are never too young or too old.
You are in a being mode, not a doing mode, as you venture on this journey into the Formless.
You can enter the Emptiness at the time of death, or while you are living, so others benefit as well as yourself.

This is the truth of life and death: life beyond Form.
Your inner body is deeply affected for the good.
Once you learn of the Formless, you can keep that portal open – this way you can stay connected to the Higher Consciousness of Bliss at all times.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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