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The Formless and the Mother


By practicing awareness, we reach deeply into the silence and pierce through seven layers.
When your awareness is awakened, you live your life in a deeper way.
When the Formless beckons you, you softly take the Mother’s love and enter.
Softly the Mother brings you back through the Universe into the world of your sacred body.
As we explore the chakras, we end beneath ourselves in the Earth Mother’s Womb.
This is something so familiar and real,
We end in your spiritual heart where you enter the Mother’s Garden and sit by Her Well.
Then we breathe in the now breath deeply into the center of the chest or the center of our being.

The breath goes deeper than ever before.
The body becomes the living breath of the Mother.
You are reminded all day long by the Universal Mother in the center of your chest to breathe deeply.
I know how simple this all sounds, and it is simple.
It is a simple form of love.
The Force of life and death is in you all.
Be still and know thyself.

You can experience life as never before as you journey and dance with the Mother.
Experience is truly a sacred arena where you and the Mother dance to the intimate music of the Universe.
The heart can sense and glimpse the beauty of the Beloved.
Around each of us is a subtle intimacy.
We can sense it all around us and in our deepest place of the heart.
Many of our spiritual wants come from the desire to remember.
From our physical bodies we find our memories that seep into the spiritual.

The Mother knows who you actually are.
In every one of your lives there is something spiritual and beautiful going on.
You can go through the seven layers and pierce the ego as it melts away into the Universe.
And here you learn to be true to yourselves.
The spirit never separates life from death.

Know when the ego steps in and steals the moment in anger or jealousy.
The ego cuts away much of the celebration of life, thus cutting away all possibilities.
Be determined to find your beauty.
Find your beauty, and you find the Mother.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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