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The Flow of Life


When you are attached to something that you seem to want so badly and you finally get it, you realize that you never wanted it at all.
This is because everything changes with the flow of life.
If you can become calm and embrace your own flow of life, you will realize that when you appreciate what you have, you will call forth that which you desire.
This is the beauty of the mystical journey we are all on.

There is a secret harvesting going on all the time by the Universal Mother, who wants you to have all that there is.
You only have to breathe and notice that you are breathing.
Focus on your breath enough; then you begin to realize that the breath by itself is the great gift of the Mother.
Without attachment you become more and more who you truly are.
In every being there is a glimpse of who you are.
Thus you never are a stranger in life to yourself.
You begin to know that you are never alone, and everyone who walks with you throughout life has always been and always will be there.

When you find yourself in love with your Beloved, some divine magnet draws you together.
This magnetic pull brings you closer to the true heart of life as you become one with the flames of love.
How wonderful it is to know that you are in love with the Mother!
It is like the first stirring of spring in your spiritual heart, although it can be in any climate.
The heart becomes alive with the wisdom of the Mother.
The Soul is not hidden from you anymore.
The Mother has set it free.
The Soul is always entwined with your Beloved.
You only have to awaken your awareness to unconditional love that asks for nothing and gives everything.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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