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The Fire of the Heart


The Spiritual Heart Center in the physical body is the space of universal consciousness.
When intuition begins to awaken from the center of the solar plexus, it also enters the heart chakra.
Intuition can become conscious prana, from which you can become spiritually aware at all times.
The importance of being aware of your chakras and the way they work is to be able to focus better in life, in meditation, and even in the Formless.

When consciousness is brought to the throat chakra, you become aware of the ability to speak and sing to the Universal Mother.
You can talk through the heart that rises to the throat; it brings you closer by words to others.
The Heart Center is associated with the element of fire.
This is the fire of inspiration.
Though fire is always blazing in the solar plexus, it is also the place of the element of water.
Fire flows into the waters of the Ganga and heats the passionate expression of the merge of the third and fourth chakras.
These symbols are in all of us.
They are to be visualized, focused on and released.
In the aftermath of understanding even a little bit about the chakras, you are ready to yearn to learn more in a way that is easy and flowing.

Kali Natha Tantric Yoga is the yoga of the inner fire.
This fire gradually rises through the sushumna and carries the Soul through the top of the head and into the Soul Body.
You can feel how huge your universe is and how expansion can play a big part in your success as you live in your liberated consciousness.
I will teach you what everything means; like Neem Karoli Baba always says, “Just feed everyone and love everyone, especially yourself; then you will be taken to the Mother.”

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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