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The Essence of Spirituality


When you learn how to experience spirituality, you learn how to live.
The essence of spirituality lives deep in the heart cave in the center of the chest.
The burning zeal of wanting the Formless is always with the one who seeks spirituality.
Then, one day, everything is different!

Your whole life is focused on the center of your chest where the Formless allows itself to be known through the love of the Guru.
You can become the lover of truth and spirituality, simply by asking.
Ask to feel the depth of your love of the Mother, and the Universe will open you like never before.
Sit in the wonderment of life by feeling your breath coming in and out, in and out.
Then breathe deeply into your chest, and hold the breath.
You are the strength of your own breath.
Let the breath gently out through your nose, and breathe in once again the newness of life that you have just found within your own spiritual heart.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya


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