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The Ego-Mind


The ego is like a separate entity over which the mystic can gain mastery.
But the ego does not like to give up its ability to rule us fully.
It does not like to give up its freedom by losing a great influence over us.
You need to learn to separate the heart-mind from the ego-mind.
You do this by turning your attention to both your Beloved and the Mother of intuition.
In this way, you break the stranglehold of the ego mind.

The mind has to blend into the heart to surrender to the higher purpose of the Soul.
This is so our attention is not caught in the veils of illusion and the conflicts that the ego brings.
When you say, “My Beloved loves me,” you confuse the ego – and it releases its tight grip as you begin to believe in your heart that these are words of truth.
The truth of these words is so very deep that they are the greatest weapon you can use to find your essential self.
The ego mind can be controlled by the practice of the Name of the Beloved Mantra.
It can stop the ego mind from taking us on its meandering course of chaos.

How often are you caught in patterns or sequences of thought that are unnecessary and uncreative?
How often does the ego-mind capture us with desires that have little to do with our life?

The Mantra “My Beloved loves me” focuses the heart-mind and frees us from captivity of thoughts with dark meanings.
This requires practice, and yet it works right away.
Repeating the Beloved’s name stops the stream of negative thoughts.

The ego belongs to duality; it loves to compare and contrast, and it loves arguments and anger.
Simply turn your mind back and feel the love that is yours to begin with.
You are made in the image of the Universal Mother’s heart and are tremendously powerful as you float in Her love.

It is the ego-mind that catches you in the web of anger; most of the time you don’t even realize that you are angry.
Focus on your Beloved, whoever your Beloved may be, as you go about your outer life.
It is all about the Moment of Love.
Let it flow deeply with inyou.
Then go about your day drenched in this love.
I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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