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The Desire to be Right


The love that flows between you and your Beloved is beyond anything anyone can write about.

This love is an intelligence that does not demand clarity.

It always was and always will be.

It is the Teacher that unfolds a dialogue that brings love to learning.

The heart splits through the ego mind and frees the Soul when love is given unconditionally.

When you can understand that you are part of such a great love, then your reactions to life are softened.

Love meets all needs.

Grace is not an experience of life.

It is a state of being that you bring about yourself as you are being loved unconditionally.

There is so much loneliness, sickness and insecurity in the world that one must never add on to it.

Never hurt anyone.

You cannot find happiness when so many are hurt by your actions.

Your love for humanity needs no defense, only joy.

The Karmic Space of the Desire to Be Right is sometimes based on your wanting to win a point.

Your life becomes intense, and soon you do not even remember what it is that you wanted to be right about.

All the Karmic Spaces are based on concepts of the ego mind and are threatened by self- questions.

When you come to a crisis, you begin to look for a easy way out; saying that you are right seems to ease the ego mind.

Yet when you understand and that you are loved, very much loved, you bring a higher intelligence to your day-to-day energy.

In the absence of this Karmic Space, the Desire to Be Right, you do not get caught in your ego’s interpretations

The Karmic Spaces breed desires and problems that only the heart can heal.

When awareness comes from self-inspection, one can exit the Karmic Spaces.

Free from the ego noises of the world, one can begin to truly live.

One can only find raging storms in the Karmic Space of the Desire to Be Right.

Setting forth to serve humanity has one listening to others, thus having no Desire to Be Right.

Love to serve, and watch your heart opening.

When you serve, there is an ocean of the sweetest feelings that come into your heart.

They sweep over your soul.

I love you all so very much.


Ma Jaya


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