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The Dance of Love


Woven into the heart of every human being is the dance of love.
This dance is not brittle, nor can it be stopped.
It can be deep into the shadows of ego, and one can find it hard to hear the music of the dance.
It lives in the inner world of our being.
It does not belong to the time or the space of life or death.
It is always there, just behind the curtain of existence.
It is like a fragrant scent that can be smelt, yet it is invisible and present.
It is neither in this world or another; it permeates in both.

This dance can destroy attachments if one listens to its song of life and death.
There are treasures in the quiet as you begin to be still and learn to listen to the stillness.
Treasures that you cannot believe are available to you.
In the quiet you can learn so much more about yourself.
Spiritual life should never be tedious or boring.
Each moment you can live fully with the awareness of the Universal Mother inside of you.
You are infinitely protected by the Mother in any of her many forms.

The Mother will lead you into the quiet world inside, heart merging to heart.
And so the dance goes on and on.
In the still and quiet you become the song of life and death.
To find your true quiet self, watch your breath coming in and going out.
You ride on the wings of your breath into the dance of life.
Listening to your inner song, you can climb any mountain or become a warrior against darkness.
You bring light to yourself and to others.
You enter the light inside of you, and it leads you on the pathway that guides you to yourself.
Listen well the song of the dance.
Close your eyes, and ask to dance with any form of the Mother you are comfortable with.
Keep breathing in and out, and feel the wonderment of the breath.
The journey to the Source is available to all of you.
Seek out the spiritual secrets within you, the secrets that will take you home to your Beloved.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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