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The Dance of Lord Shiva


No matter what you do in life, the Mother is always there.
When you put your hope in the Mother of the Universe, there is nothing to do except to get closer to the Mother.
She will bring you closer to Lord Shiva, who is also watching over you, no matter what.
He is the King of the Yogis of old and of now.

He teaches of the power of Stanhu, the great light that goes through the center of Kashi and is Shiva’s first Linga.
You can see this symbolism as that which will bring you closer to the Formless.
I often think about Lord Shiva dancing His dance inside our heart cave.
He is Nataraj, who dances on one foot.
When the heart is absolutely still and everything is silent, you can hear the music of the dance within your heart.
There is an awareness of the dance that always goes on, even when we do not take the time to listen.
The language of the heart is the beauty of the yogic movements.
These movements are the dance of the heart and the mystery of spiritual experience.
The individual and the eternal touch each other with the music of the heart.
This combines beautifully with the love of life and death.
Around each of us is the intimacy of life and death.
And if one could feel this, there is no room for loneliness – only love.

This love takes on a life of its own and spreads out into the world.
This is how Lord Shiva teaches the Dance.
His heart holds us and understands the meaning of who we are.
To honor Lord Shiva is to honor ourselves.
When we think of who we are, we can imagine eternity within us.
As we take flesh, we take on the ability to learn.
To be true to your elf is the beginning of a life-long journey.
At the end of the journey, there is always the reflection of life.
The invisible harvest that embraces us is infinitely kind.
We tend to want it all, and yet we do not know what we want.

It is your desire to feel love that is always with you, and you find a great loyalty to the Mother and the Father.
When the mind is too tight and narrow, our life is tight and narrow.
When our mind is open wide, we can feel all of life – and yet we are willing to learn more and more.
This is the beauty of your Beloved; for He or She, who the magic of life and death, will teach you to sit in deep meditation.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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