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The Dance of Life


When your heart is open, even when things do not go right in your life, there is so much help available.
Ask the Universe to help you.
Ask the Source to help you.
Ask your Beloved to help you.
In other words, you are never alone.
You only have to be still for a short while to hear your Beloved’s message.

There is always a message waiting for every situation.
You can hear it in your quiet time.
Meditation is not a removal from life, nor is it indifference.
In meditation, you are present in the moment.
In meditation, you can find that peace in the midst of it all.

It is already here; your Beloved is already here with you.
The naturally good heart is your true nature.
It is really who you are – the energy of being alive.

You are the dance of life, and the Beloved only wants to dance with you through your life so you feel the sense of grace.
Awareness trains you to be alive.
Be aware of your state of mind.
Be aware of your feelings
Be aware of your heart.
This is the now.

You sit in meditation, and your Beloved hears you.
Mindfulness is in the now
All possibilities are here in this moment.
To believe in the now is to believe in the future.
Mindfulness is the true blood of intuition.
Something is always going to happen.
When you are aware of the place of past and future and where it gathers, you are in the now of possibilities.

Be open and let it happen.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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