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The Connection to the Self


I want you all to think when you meditate this morning how you are linked to all that is around you, above you and below you.
Meditation is like this.
It connects you to all that will teach you about whatever you feel that you need or want to know.
When you are flowing, you are connected to all of the cosmos.
There are no accidents; it is subtle but true.
Life does not have to bang you on the head with a board before you realize how connected we all are.
Be free about knowing this.
Be free about learning by reading.
Be free and try to be happy, and yet do not try too hard.

I can remember when I felt all alone and very afraid of where I was going on the spiritual path.
I knew that I was called the Mother – and indeed I was, and am.
My fear came from you all not understanding how beautiful you are, always were, and always will be.
This is the hardest to share with you: your own beauty, your own love, and your own convictions of love deep in your hearts.
Sometimes your mind is the block that tries to protect you from yourself.
Yet your higher mind restrains you from misusing your power; and no matter what stage you are in, the Higher mind will let you know.
Right or wrong, you will have to do it yourself.

You can always manipulate where you are, yet your heart knows.
You develop independence.
You cannot go beyond the Earth plane while you criticize it; you have to trust your intuition.
Step away, and allow those you love to do it themselves.
Death is not the only way out of pain.
Your Higher mind teaches you of the higher physical planes.
You know what you need.
Accept who you are.
Soon you will begin to understand who you are, where you are and where you are going.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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