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The Choices of Your Heart


There are two or three doors you can choose to walk through at any moment.
When you have any of the Karmic Spaces calling you, such as jealousy, pride, or anger, you can choose to walk through another door and into the light of no boundaries.
There is always another door or another response to any of your predicaments.

Through challenging chaos of your day, always hesitate for a few seconds before you commit yourself to anything.
Your voice is a powerful weapon that need not be used when being aware.
Your destiny does not rest on chance choices; it rests on choices of your heart.
Your nervous system controls all your body’s involuntary processes.
When we feel stress, we forget about the door to the light of the heart.
When we ignore the feelings of our heart, we bring in the tension that the mind brings forth.

The Mother helps you to switch off all sources of stress.
As that sweet Essence of Bliss falls over you, the breath becomes aware of itself and anger subsides.
As you understand how much you are loved and protected, your blood flows calmly and easily, and you go deeper into that space that is Eternal.
If you constantly think without awareness, then this smooth breath becomes choppy and unfulfilled, leading to a day of negative thoughts.
This very moment you can make major changes in your life in your circumstances by deliberate thinking of something wonderful.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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