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The Calming Breath


When you next sit in meditation, bring yourself into your breath and become very aware of the rhythm of your breath.
Breathe deeply into yourself.
As your thoughts float by, remember to say to yourself, “It is just a thought.”

Bring yourself before the spirit of the Universal Mother.
Immerse yourself in Her Love.
Breathe in the calm of the Universe.
Breathe out any tension.
Then breathe in a longer breath for the count of seven; hold for the count of seven; breathe out for the count for seven, and hold out for the count of seven.

Do this calming breath 7 times.
Sit and relax, feeling the Mother bring you into a reflective space.
Allow yourself just to be.
There is the doing space and the breathing space.
Come into the breathing space.
It is a space of the Mother that will help you to get rid of any kind of stress.
This is the natural way of life.

This is the way of the mystic.
The Soul contains an array of different graces
When you are still, the grace flows into the top of the head and spreads as light throughout your whole body.

With this breath of calmness, you are developing your intuition and your ability to rid yourself and your body of any tension.
In the calmness of doing this breath, you bring yourself into a mystical closeness with the Universal Soul.
Surrender to the experience of the moment.
Sit as long as you are comfortable.
Then write in your journal how you feel after this meditation.

It takes time, and with practice you will find yourself less tense and more open to the love of the Mother.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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