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The Bliss of the Formless


The individual creative force is called Prana; this force sustains our senses and the mind.
When we meditate on the Source, we are meditating on our true selves – the you without the ego.
Meditation illumines the world and allows us to see beyond duality.
The Absolute Self is reached by being grateful, attentive and aware.
Nothing can come between you and the Source.

The Reality that exists within the heart of each individual is the Reality behind this entire Universe.
The Soul blooms whenever you are in the company of your Beloved.
The Beloved nurtures the Soul, even in its perfection.
Just as the rising sun dispels all darkness, so does the Beloved destroy the desire to follow the ego.
In the state of the Formless you begin to feel the peace you have been searching for all of your lifetimes.

The bliss of the Formless is eternal and unconditional.
Every human being exists to discover the bliss of the Self and the nectar of the Formless.
I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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