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The Bliss of the Breath


There is such joy that flows between you and your Beloved.
When you do not believe in yourself, this joyous flow begins to stop.
It is when you are wide open that you receive so much.
Take a few moments simply to watch your breath.
Feel your breath, and then feel the breath cover you like a warm blanket.

The breath teaches you to follow the Universal Mother into the heavens.
Just ask to see Her leap joyfully.
Ask to see Her dance and sing.
She will teach you to love, from love into knowledge, and from knowledge to wisdom.
From this space of wisdom, ask Her to teach you how to live.
This is the sweetest state of all.
In this state of bliss you will learn how to live.
Others will see you and learn as well.
It is truth.
And the greatest truth is that God loves you.
You only have to ask to feel this love.
It is always there.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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