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The Blessings of the Breath


Things of the past cannot hurt you in the moment.
Be aware of the moment by watching your breath.
The breath comes in and out, and when you are aware of this, you too can rise and fall on the journey of the breath.
The essence of a Formless Space is deep within you.
You can feel touch and caress the breath.
The breath helps us to be one with the Universal Mother.
She speaks to us through the center of our breath, where time does not exist.
There is a light that shines within the breath that you are aware of.

Every Being craves and hopes for happiness in life.
When we search for happiness, at times it is hard to find.
Yet when one stills the mind through the watching of the breath, happiness is not far behind.
Radiate joy.
Control your anger by paying attention to the breath.
Develop awareness of the breath.
So much can change in your life when you do this.
Awaken yourself from dullness, and bring the now into your life by meditating on the blessings of the breath.
Continue to perfect yourself, breath by breath.
Soon you will not be able to tell the difference between your breath and the Mother’s.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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