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The Beloved


This day speak to your Beloved like you never have before.

Speak words from your heart that you did not believe existed.

Feel your heart, and know that your Beloved is the radiant sun that dwells there.

The petty cage called mind cannot comprehend the beauty of the Soul and the joy of your Beloved, who loves beyond love.

Ask your Beloved to teach you how to live the fullness of life.

Become the witness to all sorrow as well as elation.

Know that you are part of your Beloved’s infinite expansion.

The path to your Beloved runs through paths of light.

It is the path of peace, even though there is turmoil in life.

The path of your Beloved can help you live through life, no matter what.

Having seen your Beloved, all is seen.

Having heard your Beloved, all is heard

Having touched your Beloved, all is touched.

Having known your Beloved, all is known.

All gloom is destroyed at the thought of your Beloved.

You know that your Beloved of light comes into the space of your heart.

Your whole being pulsates with joy, power, and light at the thought of your Beloved.

Sit now in your silence, and share a moment with your Beloved.

Ask of your Beloved anything at all.

Wait in the silence for an answer.

Write the answer in your journal.

Then do this again the following day.

Do this for a week, and then look upon your answers.

See how they relate to your life.

You have now conversed with your Beloved and your world is well.

From darkness to eternal light, your Beloved has taken you.

I bow in gratitude and love.

I love you all so very much.


Ma Jaya


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