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The Beauty of the Self


Let us all together create a real vibrancy that will coax all that is positive to come forward and reveal the inexhaustible beauty of love.

We all have an incredible amount of unconditional love that invites us to be in the moment.

This moment can stretch in any direction and bring us all into the center of the Universe that is within us.

Let us tap into the beauty of the self – the true self, in which we all can learn to live and die in the absolute beauty without time and space.

How is this done?

It is done by having a certain belief in one’s self.

“I believe in me,” cries out your individual atman.

This is all that it takes – a belief in yourself that has so much conviction that you can lead yourself out of any and all darkness.

The beauty that you are capable of receiving has so much to offer you and the universe.

The essence that is offered to you by yourself has no beginning, nor does it have an ending.

Every person must learn to trust his or her own ability to understand and believe in our inner lighting.

The beauty of you is offered to you by the Mother.

See the light that is in you.

Awaken to your own inner radiance.

Stop trying to hide your radiance.

It is in your spirit that you must believe.

You have to believe in your ability to live in the light.

In every soul there is a divine blueprint that will lead you to the center of the universe.

The life of art is the center from whence you have come and where you try all of your life to return.

There is nothing as sad as the Mother seeing people giving up on their own selves.

There are silent waves of non-being.

We tend to grow a shell around the pain of life.

We forget how to smile, to love and to live in the moment.

Remember -you are never alone; you only need to break through the shell of loneliness.

You are loved completely and unconditionally.

Say to yourself this very second, “I am never alone; I am never alone. I am always in my Mother’s arms.”

Now whisper these words and believe every sound you can hear: “I am always in my Mother’s arms.”

By repeating this, you begin to believe it.

Your Mother will never let you go or be alone.

You are Hers, and She is yours.

No one can change this.

Your Mother will never let you go or be alone.

How sweet this is.

This is the deepest truth you will ever hear.

Into the beauty of the eternal the Universal Mother took you, always to be in Her arms.

I love you all.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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