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The Beauty of Compassion


As we celebrate one holiday after another, we grow closer.

The gift of devotion becomes more available, and one becomes filled with compassion for everyone, as well as one’s self.

At times compassion is more important than love.

The beauty of compassion takes on love, yet love does not always have to be filled with compassion.

Beauty and color are sisters.

One cannot be without the other.

Life is a miracle within itself.

Look around you, and see the miracle of beauty that one cannot even begin to explain.

When this happens, you know in your heart that there is so much more to live and to learn.

Love and compassion run through the seeker, guided by the Mother – who watches and cares with such joy.

I am excited for you, and there is so much more to come.

I love you all.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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