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The Balance of All Things


We all were created to be together, to help each other.
The beauty in all of us is ever old and ever new.
The fundamental reality of the Universe lives in each of our hearts.
In fact, the balance of all things is in each of us.

The body is entwined with the soul and brings an uplifted feeling in each person, animal and plant.
The central perception lies within our spiritual hearts
There is no illusion in our soul’s heart.
It is all reality.

The immensity of the Mother’s shakti can be felt in everyone.
Once you realize their own power, you become more quiet.
There is no need to show this power to anyone.
There is only the breath, which guides one’s self and others to the Great Void.
I look forward to taking my chelas into that same wonderful void.
The void is the sacredness of the breath; as one practices the Tantric path this becomes known in the heart of the yogi.

In the stillness of this moment, one can get a glimpse of the nothingness of the Void.
Thus wisdom flows along with the divine breath as one comes forth from the Formless.
Cosmic Existence can be known by the seeker as he reaches the heights of supreme bliss.
The Tantrikas who practice Tantra, which is the unfolding of Divine truth lifetime after lifetime, begin to know all planes of existence.
Only the Universal Mother can create consciousness, and the Tantric Mystic can teach and share it.
They long to do such, and they take the responsibility gladly.
They begin to live both inside and outside of creation.

We learn the best we can how to share.
It is all about the sharing and the beauty of the sharing.

I love you all,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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