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The Art of Forgiveness


As you cultivate a beautiful state of being in your heart, you are able to draw upon it in any situation.
When you learn to meditate even a little, you are learning more and more about yourself.
You are learning to love both yourself and others unconditionally.
In meditation you are learning to leave your analytical mind, thus leaving the false created self, also known as the ego, behind.
To send your loving prayers to another is also a practice.
You learn that you are blessed and could bless others.

This may come fast or it may take a lifetime.
Let your eyes shine so everyone can see.
If one person gains insight to the heart, then the whole world becomes aware of the heart a little more.
Forgiveness allows us to release the past and go on in life.
The ancient teaching in all of our lives is that hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.
This comes from the time of the Buddha
This mantra helps you open and let go of the past without carrying the hatred of the past.
Forgiveness is a process – a very long process.
It is work of the heart.
When we think of forgiveness, we have to make a decision to let go.
Forgiveness simply means we do not carry the hate of the past or the poison of hate within us.

Sometimes this feels false, and this is ok.
Perhaps underneath many layers of fear there is a place that longs to love.
When you begin to love others, you can see the life return to them almost right away.
These are the basic steps that come when you start to do this inner work.
Your intention also has a healing power.
Just thinking of helping others begins the healing process.
Who we truly are affects the world more than anything else.

Ask the Universal Mother for forgiveness for hurting yourself or anyone else.
Remember the sorrows you caused yourself and let it go on the wings of the breath.
Offer yourself forgiveness and hold yourself in the arms of the Mother as you ask for forgiveness.
Over and over say to yourself, “I forgive myself, I forgive myself.”
As you ask for forgiveness of others, you forgive yourself.

Focus on your breath with awareness.

Breathe deeply, and feel the beauty of forgiveness.
Just sit quietly with the intention of forgiveness, watching the breath in and out.
Let yourself feel the breath in the center of the heart.
Feel the heart softening with the awareness of the breath.
Ask of the Universe, “May I be filled with love and forgiveness”— then feel your whole body hold the love and give the love.
Let the thoughts come and go, blessing each thought as you are filled with forgiveness for others and yourself.
Let the breath become calm as you have more awareness.
Let the feelings of forgiveness stay with you all day, until you feel to meditate again.

I wish you all well being of body soul and mind.
May you feel peace and happiness due to this meditation.
Forgiveness frees you of poison and replaces it with self-worth and joy.
As you strip yourself of the poison you have carried around with you for so long, you can feel that you are being held by the Universal Mother’s loving kindness.
Feel the freedom and the joy.
Keep breathing with awareness, as you live your life with compassion for all things and for yourself.
Let your eyes open gently and feel the spirit of kindness stay with you always.

In the Tao it is said, “I have three things to teach: simplicity, patience, and compassion.”
By saying these words over and over in your life, you will feel your birthright and your joy as well as your blessings.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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