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Taste Your Life


Taste your life, and taste the calmness of your mind, even when it is difficult.
Always reach for a greater thought.
Simply enjoy being alive.

When your mind is quiet, look out at your world.
Be grateful for all you have instead of begging for what you want or think you want.
The quality of the presence of Mother is always there in your heart.
There is rapture in being alive; you have to look for it.

Become the Light of who you are.
There is a beautiful quality in everyone, and this quality is pure light.
Your inner truth is the light.
You want to remember your true being.

Take a moment and breathe in and out of your heart.
Feel an innate calm.
Try to be natural as the breath shows you life inside and out.
The quality of calm is the restful heart that learns to love deeply.
Don’t judge and don’t look for right or wrong in others.

Everyone can learn to love more.
Welcome back your open heart.
For many it has been closed.
Now feel the breath like a warm ocean opening your heart.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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