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Tantra is the connective essence to the inner self and the whole Universe.
In Tantra you learn how to change your vibration to match and pulsate with the Great Wisdom Mother.

With an open heart, you can feel the vibrations of the Universe open yourself to love and the beauty of the Universal Mother.
Tantra is the science and beauty of the human form that aligns with the whole of the Universe.

This is the Vibration you may feel in meditation.
The Mother will open the locks of all the mysteries of your Soul.
By doing Kali Natha Yoga, you bring the spirit of Tantra into your everyday life.

Mother Kashi is the form of Tantra on Earth.
Mother Kashi helps all to keep up the spirit when the road becomes thorny.
Just to walk on Her Sacred Shores is to connect to the way of Tantra and the true heart of the Mother.

The veil of night is lifted when you speak to the Mother within.
She is the fullness that floods all of our souls.
I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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