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Surrender to Your Open Heart


Take time this day to see what words or mantras soothe you and keep you in your heart.
You hear the word ‘surrender’ so much on the spiritual path, yet what does it really mean to you?
Surrender means different things to different folks.
Once you know that God lives deep inside of you close to your heart, you find it easier to surrender to your heart, and your mind becomes saturated with the joy of the heart.
We must live with an open heart and an open mind.

As you sit before your altar, ask the Universal Mother to make Herself known to you.
Breathe in deeply, taking a small breath into your chest – and without breathing out, take another breath and bring the breath into the pit of your belly.
Hold the breath there for the count of seven.
With discipline, let it out slowly and fully, contracting your stomach muscles until all the air is expelled.
Do this breath five times and then sit.
Feel a swirling light coming into the top of the head into your chest.

Feel this Light spread throughout your body, creating light in every part of your being.
This can last as long as you wish.
When you feel that you are finished, then do the beginning breath again five times.
Then just sit, concentrating in your third eye.
Sit as long as you want; always remember the Light remains in your cells and keeps you centered all day.
Soon you will find that you will be looking forward to this meditation, which is called Bringing the Light Within.

The Mother who weaves the fabric of your life will keep the internal Light always flowing from the Universe to your beautiful self.
It is She who creates the lacy clouds that are gentle and free, freeing your heart from darkness.
She who whispers through the breeze of life and races with the wind to your heart is always available.
A veil of soft Light keeps your being always connected to the Mother.
You are Her love, and She is yours.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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