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There are barriers which keep you from the energy of intuition.
They are obstacles that come between you and the inner Teacher.
Surrender to your own truth, to the beauty inside of you.
On a spiritual journey you must learn to listen to your instincts.
Thus you must keep your spiritual energy high.
You must look around you and be grateful for the small things in life.
With gratitude you can begin to trust yourself more and more.
Yes, gratitude is very important in your life.

Handing your problems to the Higher Power does not mean that you have nothing to do with change.
It means that you will get help like never before.
The external Teacher gives you this trust in yourself.
The Teacher takes you step by step – not asking you at all to believe in Her or Him, but to believe in yourself.
Surrender means total trust and acceptance of the present and the wisdom to know that all you want is in the Universe, coming to you if you only ask.
Dropping your attachments brings more love in your life than ever before.

By saying to others in your mind, “I love you, I do not own you,” clears up so much.
Try calling on the Mother; and when you feel Her Presence, surrender your weakness to Her.
She would love to have it and return it to the Universe in a golden streak of light.
When you hand over your problems to the Mother, they become Her responsibility – not yours.

I look upon our Mother Laxmi; I get lost in Her beauty as I ask Her to bring you all what you need in life:  happiness, prosperity and health.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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