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The Supreme Spirit


The ego can’t comprehend the Self.
When you enter meditation on the Self, you go further away from the ego.
The supreme spirit is in all of us.
In meditation, the supreme spirit becomes awake in the form of curiosity.
It starts by asking WHAT IS NEXT?
Then you become courageous and go deeper.
The supreme spirit is a term that comes from ancient scriptures.

It translates as ‘beyond the beyond,’ and it can be felt as you surrender to the Higher Self.
When there is chaos in your life, grief and blame come easily; this is where you get stuck and confused.
The ego can easily take over at this time, and you make wrong choices.
You can become attached to the ‘I’ of the ego.

As you offer everything to the Universal Mother, a great relief comes over the heart.
The Mother takes the pain out of any situation, especially situations of the heart.
Come toward the Mother at all times, and you will get used to the essence of the Universe beyond the ego.
This feeling courses through the veins and heats the blood, and you are reminded that Love is the only answer to all questions.

The Mother dwells in the lake of your heart.
In the evening sky, the sun, the moon and countless stars, it is She who watches over us.
I always find that when I call on the Mother life becomes easier and confusion leaves.
She brings bliss and a soothing essence as She slays the ego and the small I.

I love you all and want this bliss of the Mother for all your hearts.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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