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Stretch Your World


Becoming intimately involved with your higher self allows you to understand why you do certain things.
You begin to get a grip on your life and are able to see your dreams come true – or not.
You never feel out of control, or in control.
You are always just there in the moment.
This is when you call out to your Beloved and ask, “Do you feel me, my Beloved; do you feel me?”
The answer is always given.
The answer is always there.
Your Beloved always feels you cry out to your own self.

Soon you begin to believe that you are never alone.
Life takes a different turn toward the place of your heart center.
You begin to learn and to feel this place that, at times, is called “the wounded heart.”
The heart begins to heal.
How wonderful is this?
Each one of us has an intimate connection to who we truly are.
The motivation to feel who you are is the ability to feel – simply to feel.
You have to first develop a feeling of what you are interested in.
Soon you will find that so much is interesting to you.
You begin to stretch your world.
You want the information that will help you to succeed and become curious about your own world.

Do you want to find out more about your world?
Every moment has a feeling.
When you become aware, all information is important, and everything has a life force.
You learn to understand the life force in everything.
Then you can recognize it all.
Your intuition is on fire.
You become happier.
Your intuition is becoming a powerful force in your life.
Your intuition is made up of knowing.
The knowing begins to bring you joy.
You are opening yourself to more energy
Normally one cannot see this energy, or Shakti.
Then you get the desire born of need to be able to see Shakti and then to see God the Mother and God the Father.
When I say born of need, I mean born of need to use your complete powers to create the ability in your intensity of Being.
The human body is not used to being still, yet you will find that you want to still your body and to learn.
This eventually speeds your ability to understand your intuitions.
The life force of everything can be used to live with deep understanding of life and eventually with death.
It is a whole different way of learning.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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