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Strength and Gratitude


To bring yourself to the highest goal of life, which is God realization, you must possess strength of the mind and soul.
The Universal Mother brings you into your own strength.
Spiritual strength is greater than physical strength, yet physical strength is very important.
This is why you need to move your body as well as meditate.

When you have gratitude, your heart rejoices.
Through meditation on gratitude you can come to know the supreme reality that lives in all of us.
You can learn to understand the beauty of the Self.
The beauty of the Self shows you that deep down we are all part of the Mother Goddess.

Shakti is the purity of the Divine Feminine.
It is powerful, yet so kind.
It is truly quite simple.
Be kind to yourself, and it is a given that you will be kind to others.
You will realize that the Mother is inside you is the first step to living life fully.

The Mother helps you to realize that all of life is a place of learning as you live life fully in the arms of the Mother.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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